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The State of Tennessee has a fund to reimburse innocent victims of violent crimes or their dependents that have suffered out-of- pocket expenses due to physical injuries, loss of income, or death.

  • A written claim must be filed within one (1) year after the date of the criminal offense.
  • The victim must fully cooperate with the law enforcement officials in their investigation and the prosecution of such crime.
  • The victim must report the crime to the proper authorities within 48 hours after it occurred.
  • A person may not be eligible for these benefits if that individual contributed to his or her own victimization in anyway, such as participating in the criminal act which led to injury or death.
  • This fund does not pay for personal property that was stolen or destroyed by a crime.

For additional information about filing for victim’s compensation, call the Division of Claims Administration at 615.741.2734, the Victim/Witness Coordinator in the DA’s Office at 865.457.5640, or visit the website of the Tennessee Department of Treasury.

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